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Berlin off the Beaten Path: Best Neighborhoods to Explore

by Eugenia Lazaris

Oct 26, 2022

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Berlin is a fascinating city to explore, with a maze of different neighborhoods and interesting sites to wander. What was once two separate cities now covers a lot of ground, often with duplicates of many things like airports. The city’s neighborhoods evolved from this division, each carrying unique traits and distinctive personalities that have found a way to coexist as a singular Berlin.


With so much space to cover and so much to see, most family travelers stick to a central location such as Mitte in the heart of the city where many of Berlin’s iconic tourist attractions like the Reichstag are located, but this area is overly touristy and doesn’t give you the chance to get a true feel for the city. Travelers who want to gain a deeper insight into Berlin’s personality should venture into the outlying neighborhoods, each with their own distinctive traits.


Kreuzberg, south of the city center of Mitte, proves a great place to discover Berlin’s artistic roots. From the street art and nightlife to the thriving bar and restaurant scene, spending time in Kreuzberg is ideal for anyone who wants to get a feel for the city’s bohemian subculture.


Friedrichshain, located on the city’s eastern border, is another great place to experience the incredible art of Berlin. In addition to street art that can be seen at just about every turn, this neighborhood is home to one of the most unique art galleries in the world, the East Side Gallery. This open-air gallery and park took what is left of the Berlin Wall, using it to showcase incredible artwork with more than 100 works of art dating back to 1990.


Prenzlauer Berg, in the northeastern corner of the city, showcases pre-World War II German architecture and has been mostly restored to showcase some of the most picturesque scenery in Berlin. It has become a hot spot for organic cafés and coffee shops, quaint bookshops, and open-air markets and parks, allowing locals and tourists alike to enjoy the fresh air.


While each neighborhood of Berlin has something unique to offer, they all feature the incredibly resilient and progressive nature of the city’s inhabitants, letting travelers discover the true nature of life in this fascinating city.


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