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Can’t-Miss Locales in Patagonia

by Angelique Platas

Jun 20, 2019

Kushnirov Avraham | Dreamstime.com


If taking amazing family pictures is a top priority while visiting Patagonia, Chile, consider this your shot list. Sure, you can literally point and click in any direction and walk away with a stunning image to take home — one that still doesn’t do the region justice — but why not take the guesswork out of it and leave your family trip to the professionals?

Patagonia Camp offers that stunning yurt stay and camp-like experience you want, but with all the safety and peace of mind of a hotel. Book unique travel experiences from private tours and epic excursions to bed-and-breakfast stays and 5-star glamping accommodations. Take advantage of expert knowledge, service and care in your vacation planning and step back, enjoy your vacation and snap some stunning pictures along the way.

If you’re specifically seeking a program designed to showcase the region’s unbelievable scenery and photogenic side, check out the Portraits of Patagonia package.

Here are some highlights from your family photo session and a handy must-see list for your next trip to Torres del Paine National Park:

Ultima Esperanza Fjord

Literally the entrance of the stunning Torres del Paine National Park and Southern Patagonian Ice Field, the Última Esperanza fjord, or last hope, welcomes photographers from around the globe. As the natural beauty unfolds behind the fjord, this locale is an easy first stop on your photography exploration.

Pingo Trail

Pingo Valley has a bit of everything for your scenic trek. Walk along rugged terrain and winding trails over rocks, through forests and around waterfalls for a healthy blend of scenery. Hike up Mount Ferrier for a remarkable view of Torres del Paine and panoramic shots, galore.

Lago Grey and Grey Beach

That crystal-blue water that seems too beautiful to be real? That’s Lago Grey. Sit on the beach, toward the southern end, and snap shots of the stunning waters and Grey Glacier.

Group of tourist on the shore of Lago Grey in Torres del Paine National Park.

Tourists on the shore of Lago Grey in Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Pierre Jean Durieu | Dreamstime.com

Cascada del Rio Paine

Visit the cascading waterfall Cascada del Rio Paine, located along the stunning landscape of Paine River. En route to Laguna Azul, glacial-blue waters rush with impressive force and make for a truly stunning image, both in reality and on camera.


Around every corner of your trek, hike, walk and occasional climb, your family will have the opportunity to spot unique flora and fauna. Keep an eye out for roaming wildlife for both stunning pictures and your own safety.

Mirador Las Torres

Hike to base of Mirador Las Torres, an observation deck, for a naturally framed shot of lake, mountains and vibrant colors only found in nature. You’ll enjoy the climb, as it’s well worth the effort.

This guided experience with Patagonia Camp’s Portraits of Patagonia program is a four-night offer, available Sept. 25–29. If it feels seamless and professionally designed, that’s because it is. The program was custom created for photographers of all levels to capture and appreciate the region’s unending vistas. This trip may be best suited for the older kids who can hold their own on a hiking expedition.


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