Hainan Airlines

Fine Dining in the Sky

Hainan Airlines collaborates with Michelin-starred chefs to offer elevated in-flight cuisine. Enjoy elevated cuisine even above 30,000 feet with Hainan Airlines upgraded and highly acclaimed Hai Chef meals, crafted by some of the world’s most respected Michelin-starred chefs. It’s one more reason Hainan Airlines routinely ranks as a Skytrax five-star airline. Prominent French chef Christophe […]

Incheon’s Expansion Sets the Bar for the Winter Games

Traveling internationally with family, children and adults of all ages can be challenging. Everyone is either in a hurry or overwhelmed and taking your time doesn’t seem to be an option. With high expectations for South Korea’s largest airport, Incheon International Airport’s new endeavor is expected to provide guests with a positive, efficient travel experience. […]

Belfast for Families

There was a time not so long ago when the Northern Ireland city of Belfast conjured up images of “the Troubles,” a time of extreme political, national and religious conflict from the 1960s to its uneasy end in 1998. That was then. Nowadays, Belfast is a vibrant, fascinating city boasting family-friendly attractions that range from […]

Netflix Night at The Gregory Hotel

Did you and the kids binge watch the second season of Stranger Things yet? If not (or if you just need a second look), The Gregory Hotel has the ideal package for you and the family to get caught up. Officially debuted with the show’s premier Friday, Oct. 27, families and fans of all ages […]

Best Indoor Waterparks for Cold Weather Fun

Cold weather vacations conjure images of skiing and snowboarding, but not all kids can take the cold and snow for too long. Meanwhile, it’s not always practical to gather up the kids to go on a weeklong beach vacation. You could settle on an in-between compromise with an indoor water park that rivals the world’s […]

Earthly Delights

One look at a map of Upstate New York quickly explains how the Finger Lakes got their name. Native Americans who first cultivated their sun-swept shores thought the long, narrow waters looked like the imprint of a celestial hand and, although geologists have a different explanation for their shape, the name stuck. Today, the Finger […]