Cruising the Open Green

by Angelique Platas

Jun 26, 2018

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Get ahead of your family travel for next year and look into Ponant’s Quintessential Collection tours. Ponant’s nine-day, eight-night adventures though Northern Europe explore the greener side of cruise travel. Traveling next year, May 14–22, 2019, guests depart London for Bergen aboard Ponant’s Le Boreal.

Specifically designed for American travelers, families aboard the Green and Gentle Lands: Exploring Gardens and Historic Sites tour explore quintessential British Isle beauty. Explore Ostend and Antwerp, Belgium; and Newcastle and Rosyth, United Kingdom; before crossing the North Sea for Stavanger and Bergen, Norway. The wild landscape and lush beauty of the region is endless and even more idyllic in the early spring.

Before boarding, enjoy a pre-cruise visit to Kew Gardens and Chelsea Physic Garden in London — a perfect start to this garden-centric expedition.

Boats and Cruise Ship Ponant

Ponant Cruise Ship in Europe © Aleksandr Stepanov | Dreamstime.com

The garden-themed voyage specifically focuses on the heritage and tradition behind the incredible gardens, both public and private. Take in the local beauty and opulent garden designs while learning — with the kids — all about the importance of planting, harvesting and garden upkeep with a series of expert-led discussions, tours and exceptional dining experiences.

Included in the expedition and a top highlight of the voyage is the gala luncheon at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, hosted by the Royal Botanic Garden’s actual staff. While sailing from port to port, guests enjoy the scenic route with stops in the Lowlands of Belgium and Holland as well as the rustic homes along the canals of Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent. Explore the historic castles, once home to the Scottish and English.

Opt for add-on tours and unique expedition opportunities, including a visit to Alnwick Castle and Herterton House in Newcastle, or the Flor og Flære flora and fauna in Stavanger, Norway.

As part of Ponant’s Quintessential Collection, the Green and Gentle Lands tour is designed to offer unforgettable excursion opportunities and a unique inside look at less-charted territory boasting charm and elegance.

Guests enjoy rich horticultural and historic experiences cruising from charming town to historic political site along this nine-day journey, beginning at $3,925 for a stateroom. Read more about the tour, room options and variety of inclusions here and upgrade your family spring break vacation with a historic and scenic tour through Northern Europe.


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