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Diggerland: A Construction-Themed Amusement Park

by Mary Melnick

Jul 2, 2020

Photo: Chris Kelleher | Dreamstime.com

Adult Children

Located in West Berlin, New Jersey, Diggerland is America’s only construction-themed amusement park — all the attractions are made out of construction vehicles and materials. This unique park reopens today and will have kids begging for more.


There is plenty of fun going on at Diggerland for all ages. Learn how to operate a real digger, get behind the wheel of a dump truck, hop in the sky shuttle and soar 50 feet in the air for a great view of the park, sit in the back of a steel demolition trailer lifting 34 feet in the air with a simulated dump of cargo and much more.


Diggerland. Photo: Ritu Jethani | Dreamstime.com


Take a break from the construction vehicles and head to one of the tallest ropes courses in the world. Suit up in your safety gear and trek the four-story course; once at the top, see if you are brave enough to look down. After taking on the ropes course, head to Soaring Eagle Zipline; although it costs extra, it is well worth the money. Zip across the park and enjoy breathtaking views.


This summer, Diggerland debuts its new water park, The Water Main, where guests can splash around and play. Relax under the sun at Bulldozer Bay, float down the Digger River, splash and play in Jackhammer Bay, zoom down the Pipeline slide and take on the challenging obstacle course at RipRap Run.


Diggerland isn’t only for children — there is also Diggerland XL, which allows adults 18 and older the opportunity to operate heavy machinery for fun. This experience comes in one–three-hour packages depending on how many people are in your party. You can also purchase group events or team building packages.


Diggerland is the perfect place for birthday parties, camp/school trips or for a fun summer day.


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