Exposing Children to Art is Easy at Kid-Friendly California Museums

Ask your kids what they want to do on vacation and they aren’t likely to break the sound barrier requesting a trip to a museum, but these kid-friendly museums across the state of California just might be able to change their attitudes.

Disney Magic in San Francisco

The kid in all of us will enjoy the Walt Disney Family Museum.  It celebrates the life and genius of Walt Disney as well as the innovations that made Disney a household name worldwide. Your kids can enjoy artwork and memorabilia from some of their favorite Disney scenes all while learning about the history of the man behind the magic. “Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men: Masters of Animation” is a special exhibition currently on display at the museum that features some of Disney’s most famous animators responsible for classics like Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp and Peter Pan. Admission for adults is $25 with an additional fee for the exhibit. Children 6–17 are $15 while those under 5 are free. There are discounts available for seniors and members of the military.

Music History in Los Angeles

The music lovers in the family will love the Grammy Museum. This educational museum located in the heart of Los Angeles celebrates the history of American music and its most popular artists. The museum showcases decades of musical genius so everyone in the family can find something to enjoy during this excursion. Kids will love the interactive exhibits that encourage creativity and expression through experiences like “In The Studio,” which lets you enter your own personal interactive pod for a first-person look at the recording process. The museum is open every day except Tuesdays and is closed on some major holidays. Admission is $15 for adults, and $10.95 for children up to age 17 (kids 5 and under get in for free).

Learn About A Boy and His Dog in Santa Rosa

Kids of all ages know and love Charlie Brown and his faithful pal, Snoopy. At the Charles M. Schulz Museum, just a short drive north from San Francisco, visitors can learn all about the Peanuts gang, their history and the man who created them. Sixty-five years of classic comic strips come to life before your eyes with exhibits that include various mediums to celebrate the beloved comic strip and its characters. The museum is closed on Tuesdays and major holidays and admission is quite affordable at $12 for adults, $5 for kids 4–18.

Get Your Geek On in San Jose

The Tech Museum of Innovation is great for anyone interested in technology and, let’s face it, in an age of smart phones and virtual reality, that means just about everyone! This interactive museum lets visitors explore the history of technology as we know it and encourages innovation to create the future technologies that will continue to shape our lives. The “Cyber Detectives” exhibit teaches about internet safety while the “Social Robots” exhibit lets you build and program your own robot.

These museums are a great place to start your kids on the path to appreciating museums, not to mention the fun all your adult kids-at-heart will have as well.