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Fall Fun for the Family, Pets Included

by Angelique Platas

Oct 22, 2019

Otsphoto | Dreamstime.com

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Between all the apple picking, cider drinking and seasonal hikes your family has in mind, there’s plenty of fall fun the whole crew can enjoy, pups included. Bring your family pets along on your next fall family adventure with this list of inclusive activities.


Pumpkin Picking

You know you want to, just think of those family photos! Some, if not most, pumpkin patches and apple orchards let you bring your beloved pups along, especially the well-behaved ones. Many farms and family-run orchards welcome all members of the family; before venturing to a nearby farm, check out this site to see if there is anywhere along the way or nearby where Fido can spend the night or dine out.


Halloween Celebrations

While taking the kids to local parades, trick or treating or visiting local Halloween festivities in your area, consider bringing the pup along.


Road Trip

Heading away for the weekend or just taking a long drive for a family outing? Bring your pup or cat along! If your vehicle has the space and your pet enjoys the ride, it’s always a great time. Don’t forget to pack some snacks, doggy bags, leash, harness for breaks and walks, and some cozy accessories for your pet’s ride.

Hiking with the family dog. Photo: Gpointstudio | Dreamstime.com


Beach Day

Depending on your family’s beach destination, an off-season beach day is typically a pet-friendly activity and fun day out. Enjoy crowd-free beaches with plenty of room for you and your pets to run, roam, play and even set up a picnic. Check the weather and beach regulations, if any, before your trip to ensure your family is ready for a fall beach day.


Take a Hike

Heading out on a family hike is a quintessential fall activity, but depending on the park or trail, you don’t have to leave your pup at home. Make sure the trail allows pets and that your four-legged friend is up for the challenge before embarking on the trek. Make sure you bring all the necessities, including water and a secure harness as not all parks allow off-leash pups.


Family Parties

For any backyard party, tailgate or open-air seasonal event you’re attending with friends and family, check with the host if you can bring your pup along. Especially if your family is traveling to the backyard party, you might not want to leave your dog home all day while you’re away.


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