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Family-Friendly Spring Break Beaches

by Holly Riddle

Mar 13, 2018

© Christinlola | Dreamstime.com


When you and the family head off for spring break, you likely won’t want to rub shoulders with the college kids that flocked en masse to the packed beaches. But if you’re looking for a warm-weather vacation and you’re limited to your kids’ school schedule, where can you go that’s far from the influence of the party crowd?

Paradise Island, Bahamas

If you want a big resort feel or even a luxury resort without a long flight, try Paradise Island. Home to the huge Atlantis resort, this getaway has everything any member of your family could want, whether you’re traveling with your parents, siblings, children or grandchildren.

Cloudy sunset at Atlantis hotel, Paradise Island, Bahamas

© Cristian Andriana | Dreamstime.com

St. Simons Island, Ga.

Appealing to a family-on-a-budget crowd, St. Simons Island is a bit north from the often-crowded beaches of Florida during this season. Enjoy the classic southeast coast feel, with plenty of cozy beach houses to choose from, historic lighthouses, fishing opportunities and lots of other ways to get outdoors other than swimming or lying in the sand (though that’s perfectly acceptable, too).


If you have the budget and want to go somewhere a little out of reach for the average college student, make tracks for Hawai’i. The pristine shores beckon and you’ll easily avoid any remnants of college-age hubbub at one of the many luxury resorts. Pick the island that matches your travel style, whether you’re thinking your family could use a large resort, a private getaway, plenty of nature travel, shopping or simply all the sights and sounds of a stereotypical Hawai’ian vacation.

Marco Island, Fla.

If you do have your heart set on a Floridian getaway, go for a peacefully undisturbed destination like Marco Island. On the Gulf Coast, the island is home to only a handful of resorts and small hotels, and it’s surrounded by several hundred outlying, tiny islands you can reach by boat or kayak, perfect for finding your own little slice of paradise. Plus, you’re only a short distance from the Everglades, if exploring the wildlife by airboat sounds up your family’s alley.

Sunset over the bridge roadway that journeys onto Marco Island,. Coastline, water.

© Stephanie Starr | Dreamstime.com


Experiencing a recent boom in tourism, Bermuda isn’t the most affordable option on the list, but it’s also not top of the list for the traveling college kids either. While the island is still a little chilly this time of year, it does have plenty to offer by way of relaxing beaches, spectacular spas, an aquarium and zoo, golf and other natural wonders.


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