Family-Friendly Wine Tours in Portugal

by Angelique Platas

Sep 8, 2019

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Age Specific / Adult Children

Wine tourism may have been a long-standing trend in the travel industry and with millennials coming into their own as connoisseurs, a family-friendly trip can also be wine-themed — you just need the idyllic destination. Enter Portugal. Known for its incredible natural beauty, world-class cuisine and award-winning wines, this locale is an easy choice for all ages of the wine persuasion.


Let this list be your guide through Portugal’s stunning scenery with the family. Each will let you enjoy the region’s iconic architecture, history and, of course, wine with well-planned itineraries through the country.


Living Tours

Over in Porto, Living Tours takes travelers all over the city with sightseeing opportunities, including stops along stunning architecture, historic landmarks, viewpoints of rolling natural beauty and Porto’s many winegrowing vineyards. Let your family taste-test their way through the city. Living Tours is great for guests seeking new corners to explore with the help of their guide, or they can make more specific arrangements ahead of time.


Taste Porto Food Tours

Equal parts wine and cuisine, Taste Porto Food Tours is perfect for foodie families. Porto’s tour company brings families and travelers through the city’s many iconic culinary traditions, with beautiful, locally sourced wine pairings for the older kids.


WINTP – Wine Tourism in Portugal

If your family would rather get all their sightseeing in on one tour, let that one be Wine Tourism in Portugal. This tour agency curates the “best of” the desired region and tailors each itinerary to guest requests. Involve your kids in the process or pick on your own with the help of the local experts.

Terraced vineyards form the hillsides of the Douro River

Photo: Ana Couto | Dreamstime.com

Let the region be your guide and tour all the wineries neighboring your accommodations, or take the guesswork out of it and book a tour. Either way, the family is in for an immersive experience through the country’s wine culture.


Traveling to wine-soaked regions for tastings and foodie culture is a clear draw for many travelers, but considering Portugal’s many other qualities, this is a great destination no matter the family’s interests and culinary tastes.


Not crazy about wine? No problem, many of these tours have alternate options for guests. There are plenty of ways for the less-enthusiastic winos in the family to still join in the fun.



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