Gifts for Young Travelers

With the holidays approaching, last-minute gift buyers are frantically looking for gifts. If you need to get some for your nieces, nephews, sons, daughters or grandkids, this guide is perfect.

As technology continues to improve, it seems like younger and younger kids know how to use intricate technology. Many toddlers can use iPhones and tablets with ease. Luckily, there are lots of gifts perfect for kids who enjoy travel and are technologically inclined.

Consider a child-geared camera. This camera, from Amazon, has a number of features, making it the perfect candidate to be any young traveler’s first real camera. It is shock resistant and even comes with a few pre-loaded games. This camera will keep young kids entertained en route and will let them capture great photos of their destination.

Travel has a lot of downtime. This downtime is multiplied when you are a kid and end up waiting around airports while parents take care of the complicated bits. For those kids a little bit older, consider going with a Nintendo Switch. These hybrid game consoles allow kids to play games to pass time. This option is even better if they have brothers or sisters to play with while traveling.

Chances are if your young traveler likes to get lost in the world of technology, they like to listen as well. Consider getting them a pair of headphones. These let kids listen to the movies, television shows, games and music they are watching during travel. 

If you find yourself shopping for a traveler who likes to get lost in a good book during transit, there are lots of options for kids of all ages.

Little Passports is a subscription box that comes each month filled with a lot of information and materials for specific nation. This is a gift that keeps giving, and is perfect for kids who like to learn about the world when they aren’t traveling. There are several different options centered on different age groups, nations and subjects.

The Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Kids Edition is perfect for youngsters who like to read. The kid-proof edition of the tablet comes with one free year of content, including kid-friendly movies, books and educational shows. While this gift enables reading and education, it is also great for younger, technologically savvy kids.

 The possibilities are endless for finding gifts for kids who love to travel. There is no one right answer, but knowing your kids will give you a step up in making sure they are not disappointed this holiday season.