How Your Kids Influence Travel

Anyone with an Advertising 101 class under their belt knows the one demographic controlling shopping trends and most of the commercials we see is the tween to young adult age range — according to Virtuoso, this little-known-fact remains the same in the travel industry. As a top international travel network specializing in luxury travel and experiences, Virtuoso offers some insider information on just who exactly tips the scale in the travel industry.

The current generation of young family influencers, Generation Z is compiled of individuals born in the mid-1990s–2010, give or take a few years depending on whom you ask. Aged (approximately) between 3–23 years old, these young travelers sway family decisions regarding vacations by inserting themselves in the planning process, asking for active experiences and tours, sharing experiences through social media and seeking more unusual and off-the-beaten path destinations, all inspired by social media for trips and locations.

hiking kid using mobile phone

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According to Forbes, Generation Z is currently the largest age unit in the United States, at more than a quarter of the population. This tech-savvy group lives at home and has an astounding buying power. While not the head decision makers in the family, Gen. Z has considerable influence over family decisions, according to the recent study conducted through The Virtuoso Luxe Report.

Whether you’re still looking to book your family vacation this summer or just have to add the finishing touches, check out some of these top destinations, experiences and ideas from the Virtuoso analysis.

If your kids are within the Gen. Z age range, chances are they are interested in authentic experiences, unique destinations and active adventures. As polled by Virtuoso, top family travel trends include beach resort stays, active or adventure trips, celebration travel, mother-daughter/father-son or vice versa, guided and private tours, ocean cruising, immersive cultural experiences, educational trips, river cruises and exclusive travel via yacht, jet or private island.

Some of the top trending destinations for families include Italy, Mexico, Orlando, Hawai’i, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, South Africa, England, Canada and France. Some lesser traveled destinations, but top family bucket-list locales include Iceland, the Galapagos Islands, Cuba, Antarctica, Botswana, Mongolia, Japan, the UAE, Egypt, Rwanda and Croatia.

Multigenerational travel continues to ride high on the list of travel trends this year and knowing your kids and the trendy travel industry catering to their needs, you may have your work cut out for you this summer travel season.