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Intrepid Travel Proves the Future is Female Travel

by Kelly Magyarics

Aug 20, 2020

Photo: Intrepid Travel

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Renowned tour group Intrepid Travel launched its first-ever Women’s Expeditions in Morocco, Jordan and Iran in 2018. The goal was not to exclude men from trips, but to provide women access to experiences in more traditional countries that wouldn’t be possible in mixed-gender groups.


The tours (planned in a culturally sensitive and socially responsible way) were met with such enthusiasm the company added additional departures and locations to fulfill demand, including Turkey, Kenya, India and Nepal. This year they expanded the line with women-only trips to Israel and the Palestine Territories — the latter a brand-new country for Intrepid. These new tours were originally set to start running in late 2020, but have since adapted given the worldwide pandemic.


Still, it’s never too early to start thinking about getting back out on the road with your mother, daughter, granddaughter or niece. “We have seen female travelers connect with other women in powerful and moving ways,” said Jenny Gray, senior product manager, Intrepid Travel.


Kenya, Urban Adventures. Photo: Intrepid Travel


Gray adds that returning travelers shared inspiring stories of female empowerment, and trips directly benefit local women by seeking out female-owned accommodation, restaurants, suppliers and businesses. Intrepid is also working toward gender equality in another way — last year they met the target of doubling female tour leader, from 154 female leaders in 2017 to 342 in January 2020. “Local female leaders offer insight and a unique understanding of women in these regions with respect to their cultural and religious values,” Gray noted.


This year Intrepid plans to double its number of female porters who assist travelers on mountain hikes in places like Tanzania, Peru and Nepal. “It’s crucial for us to enable women in all levels of the business — from our leaders on the ground all the way to gender parity on our board,” said James Thornton, CEO, Intrepid Travel.


Start planning (or dreaming about) your own empowering adventure with Intrepid Travel by visiting the company’s Women’s Expedition landing page.


Cappadocia, Turkey. Photo: Intrepid Travel


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