Kid-Friendly Fun in Tahiti

As one of the more traveled islands in the South Pacific, and with an increasingly kid-friendly and family-centric community and culture of its own, Tahiti is a great option for your next family getaway.

You may already know all about the island’s natural beauty, leisure activities and unending list of sporty adventures, but there are a couple specific destinations and kid-friendly activities you may want to add to your list.

Shopping in Papeete

Located on the island of Tahiti, Papeete is actually the capital of French Polynesia and a cultural hub. Bring the kids for a family-friendly outing to the fun portside market, offering fresh food and fruit for breakfast or a snack.

Peruse the rows of carts filled with local produce by day, let the kids choose a few snacks to take to the beach and fuel up for a slew of activities by night. Enjoy shops like Marché de Papeete, a market selling homemade goods and jewelry — with a healthy pearl industry, it would be wrong not to.

Papeete Indoor Market © Luca Roggero |

Papeete Indoor Market © Luca Roggero |

Get Active

Known for its incredible beaches, rural jungle views and pristine waters, swimming the surf and playing on the beaches of Tahiti will already be on the top of your list. Go a bit further with a snorkeling tour or kayaking excursion with the kids. You can load up, two to a boat, or let them take the open water on their own — with you close behind, of course. The outdoor activities in Tahiti are endless, so there will be something for any age, interest and ability.

Stay Somewhere Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved

Take some of the stress of finding kid-friendly activities every day off of yourself and enlist a family-focused hotel to do the work for you. Stay somewhere with grand pools, kids clubs, water sports, tennis courts and wildlife activities so the kids will always have something fun to do.

For something with all that and more, head to InterContinental Resort Tahiti. This 4-star stay has all the chic oceanfront décor and spa treatments for adults with the added luxury of a helpful concierge for planning family activities.

For families on a budget, the Royal Tahitien Hôtel is a minimalist stay. With a black-sand beach, a tropical-themed pool and easy access to the airport and downtown attractions (think of how much easier it will be getting the kids to and from), this stay is definitely a top contender for families with kids. The hotel is budget-friendly and a no-fuss stay, easily accommodating families of four. If you plan on being out and about, exploring the island and taking full advantage of the island life, this hotel is for you.