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Jun 7, 2019

5 Father’s Day Gifts for the Traveling Dad

Father’s Day is coming, and you know what that means — time to figure out what to get the favorite man in your life, who somehow never seems to want anything at all. Skip the tie this year and go with something more in line with his love for travel. These options might just fit the bill.

Destinations / Asia
Jun 3, 2019

5 Can’t-Miss Experiences for Families in Bangkok

Planning a trip to Thailand’s capital? Lucky you. This vibrant, fascinating city in the Land of Smiles is unbelievably rich in cultural, historic and culinary treasures. Here are five hidden (and not-so-hidden) things for your family to do during a stay (or even stopover) here.

Travel Tips
May 25, 2019

10 Tips for Travel Success

At a recent event, I listened to a couple complaining — albeit separately — about a recent trip. Essentially, “he” treated his wife and high school-aged sons to an exotic foreign destination the boys didn’t enjoy; likewise, “she” was furious with him. He insisted on planning the trip and scheduled a daily, all-too-exhausting, sun-up to sun-down itinerary, even to the last day when he booked two separate, sweaty, three-hour excursions. They all had to check out before the tours started, leaving no place to shower afterwards. The result? Each one arrived home miserable. The incident reminded me that, even with great intentions, most of us can enhance our travel success by considering who is going and their needs and wants. Here are some ideas that work, perhaps for you, too.

Wherever Awards 2019

By, the trusted travel source for the modern family, announces the winners of the Wherever Awards.

May 20, 2019

6 Things to Do With the Family in Verona — After You’ve Instagrammed Juliet’s Balcony

The big draw of Verona, the charming city in Italy’s Veneto region, is snapping a photo in front of Juliet’s balcony (and rubbing the right breast of her bronze likeness for good luck.) No matter Shakespeare’s tragic character wasn’t actually based on a real person nor did he write the play here, the spot where wistful romantics imagine Miss Capulet uttered “wherefore art thou Romeo” draws in thousands of tourists each year. After your family has added the requisite shot to your IG stories, stick around for awhile, because Verona is way more than just a place for a photo opp en route to Venice. Here are six other experiences to check out: