5 Memorable Experiences at Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Mayakoba translates to “village over the water,” a fitting moniker for this luxury property located on the lagoon in Mexico’s Riviera Maya south of Cancun that just celebrated its 10th anniversary. All 123 villas at Banyan Tree Mayakoba are located either on the lagoon or on beachfront, and all of them have a spacious outdoor area […]

Best Bagel Shops to Check Out in Brooklyn

Bagel lovers know, a great bagel is a New York bagel. If your family has a hankering for an authentic bagel, we have your new lineup of must-visit bakeries and delis. A good bagel can mean something different to everyone, but if your family is of the soft bagel on the inside with a touch […]

Ways to Stay in Touch With Family Abroad

It’s that time of year when some students may plan for a study abroad, your soon-to-be-graduates accept a job across the country or your older kids have business trips taking them to far-off destinations. Have no fear, tech is here … to help. Whether just away for a quick business trip or extended internship, there […]

Kid-Friendly Fun in Tahiti

As one of the more traveled islands in the South Pacific, and with an increasingly kid-friendly and family-centric community and culture of its own, Tahiti is a great option for your next family getaway. You may already know all about the island’s natural beauty, leisure activities and unending list of sporty adventures, but there are […]

American Chains You Can Find (Almost) Anywhere

Those bright, shiny, family-friendly chains you depend on at home don’t have to stay there while you travel. Some of your current, and future, favorite spots can be found almost anywhere around the world. On your next family trip, keep an eye out for the go-to kid calmers like Chuck E. Cheese and McDonalds for […]

Sticking to Your “Travel More” Resolutions

While January has come and gone and we’re rolling through the new year, it’s still early enough to add on some resolutions or work on the funs ones you’ve already made — like traveling more. Whether you want to spend more time with the extended family, vacation more with the kids or take time away […]