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Coffee Culture in Bangor, Maine

by Debra Bokur

May 12, 2020

Photo: Supoj Buranaprapapong | Dreamstime.com

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The quirky town of Bangor, Maine, may not be geographically suited to growing coffee beans, but that doesn’t mean local residents don’t know their joe. In fact, the town has a selection of excellent coffee shops perfect for sipping, nibbling and lingering.


Inside Wicked Brew Café at 173 Park St., patrons can make their coffee selection, struggle to decide which cake or scone to choose and enjoy a variety of art, including the large-scale mural on the wall facing the comfy dining area. Coffees originate with family-owned, sustainably produced Wicked Joe and the company’s organic certified roaster. Teas are sourced from Davidson’s Organics, a company made up of third-generation organic tea growers.


Cheryl Michaud was on a mission to create a total coffee experience, and she did it. At 24 Broad St., West Market Square Artisan Coffeehouse in downtown’s West Market Square complex, you can see and taste the results of Michaud’s dream while enjoying a flash-brewed iced coffee, personal pour-over, cortado, macchiato, cappuccino and more — accompanied by delectable bread pudding, fluffy quiche, salad, a beautiful pastry, slice of cake or a yummy muffin. Come in at Grumpy Hour, 7–8 a.m., Monday through Friday, for a 16-ounce coffee for $2.


If you’re in a hurry, Coffee Express at 308 State St., has you covered with double-sided drive-through service. And if you love to explore new coffee flavors, you can try Maple Nut, Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble, Banana Nut Bread and the super popular Yankee Doodle with hints of cinnamon and hazelnut.


Bagels and coffee is a match made in morning heaven, and the choices at Bagel Central at 33 Central St., include marbled rye, cranberry-water, sweet cinnamon, sunflower, salt, herb, blueberry, water and multiple vegan and gluten-free selections. You can choose raspberry cream cheese as a topping choice, and sip an iced or hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate while kicking off your day.


If it takes more than coffee for you to be fully motivated, head to Fork & Spoon at 76 Main St. This is where locals flock for coffee, tea, hot chocolate drinks and the city’s best vegetarian and vegan fare. There’s house-made hot cocoa, teas from Dobra and coffees from Farm House Coffee Roasters in Winterport, Maine. Sip your favorite morning beverage with a freshly prepared breakfast sandwich and baked goods, or choose a smoothie from a menu of Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Strawberry Fields, Picking Blueberries, Maca Male and Life is Rosy — a blend of cardamom, rosewater, honey, coconut oil and banana. Meat substitutes include delicious jackfruit, popular in India and Bangladesh.


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