Kid-Friendly Museums Worth Traveling For

Traveling with kids seems to usually mean endless theme parks, amusement parks, zoos and aquariums. These are fun, and the latter two have the potential to be educational. Sometimes it can be a good idea to introduce kids to the world of museums.

Here are several museums perfect for kids in various cities where your family might travel anyway.

Philadelphia is known as the birthplace of America. The city has monuments to varying pieces of American history, like the Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross’s house. The city is also home to one of the most kid-friendly museums in the country, the Franklin Institute. The Franklin Institute is incredibly child-friendly and features a number of exhibits that directly invite children to interact with science and learn from their experiences.

In addition to all of the child-centric standard exhibits, the institute has escape rooms and visiting exhibits that can appeal to the entire family, including an exhibit on Vikings, at the institute until March 2019.

Younger kids will love to visit the Please Touch Museum. The museum allows kids to learn by engaging with the different exhibits. The museum’s tagline, “Learning Through Play,” shows where the museum’s focus lies: in teaching children about the world around them by allowing them to play with the exhibits.

Another tourist-centric destination, New York City, also has a number of museums where children will feel welcome. One of these museums is the Rose Center for Earth and Space, including the Hayden Planetarium. The interactive planetarium is perfect for visitors of all ages to learn about the universe at large. The rest of the museum is a pretty cool look at natural history, as well.

Moving south on the East Coast and we come to Orlando, the home of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando and SeaWorld. While these will probably take up your entire trip, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum is well worth a visit for older children. The museum specializes in the strange and odd, and is definitely worth a visit if you have the time.

Crossing the country is the Seattle Art Museum. Apart from being a world-class art museum, this museum is perfect for kids because it contains a fully stocked play area that allows kids to experiment with art. Getting kids involved after, or before, showing them one-of-a-kind artwork could be the key to unlocking a lifelong passion.