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LaScoota: The Next-Gen Scooter

by Mary Melnick

Jan 10, 2023

© Romrodinka | Dreamstime.com


After a long winter inside, LaScoota, a next-generation scooter, promises to get the whole family outside this spring. These highly reviewed scooters are designed for all skill levels and ages in order to bring a new meaning to family traveling.


LaScoota built premium features into every scooter, from the signature suspension technology to a safe and secure folding system to precision milled parts. Stay away from scooters with rickety wheels and sharp edges bound to scuff up your legs. LaScoota scooters offer a different version to satisfy each child’s needs.



The Pulse scooter is perfect for teens. The lightweight kick scooter allows kids to cruise with ease and safety. Parents will love non-slip, weight absorbing, extra-wide deck features, ensuring secure footing and a comfortable ride for all teens.


Go n’ Glow

Children who aren’t quite ready for The Pulse will love the Go n’ Glow. It’s fast but not too fast, and comes with all the safety features parents look for while still offering a fun and exciting ride. Your little kids will feel like big kids in no time.


Sit n’ Scoot

This scooter is perfect for toddlers and small children. It features a removable seat to allow young children to ride with comfort and ease. Once the little one is ready to ride with the big kids, remove the seat in order for them to cruise the street.


This high-quality scooter won’t break the bank but can still help improve your health, mood and carbon footprint, all while offering a fun mode of transportation.


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