Places to Be This Fall for Family Fun

Plan ahead for a family trip this fall and get away with the kids on break. With mild temperatures and enough time before the holidays, fall months can be a great time to plan a trip, explore and experience a new locale with the family.

Brown Bears in British Columbia: Mid-September–October

Wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts find Chilko River in the Chilko Valley, B.C., Canada, somewhat of a haven. With salmon and Sokeye flocking to the river in early fall, guests of Chilko Valley Estate observe Brown and Grizzly bears in their natural habitat with expert guides and luxury accommodations.

While the river region is private and accessed only by First Nations members, this experience is one-of-a kind and open to those booking with the Chilko Experience. The exclusive wilderness resort offers families an up-close look from a safe following distance at otherwise inaccessible natural beauty. Adventures vary, but check-in early to reserve your family package and accommodations.

Concurs de Castells in Tarragona, Spain: Oct. 1–2

Catalan culture celebrated human tower competitions since the 18th century. Once part of an elaborate dance, tower building requires quite a bit of strength and coordination as human towers extend nine stories high in ornate and unique formations. More than 30 teams compete with barefoot climbers wearing supportive sashes, or faixa, muscling their way to the top. Once the climbing formation is complete, a small child known as the exaneta, or flyer, climbs to the top and completes the formation. The tower competition is thrilling to watch, surrounded by live music, street performances and celebrations of Catalan culture.

Naha Great Tug of War in Okinawa, Japan: Oct. 6–8

Going back hundreds of years, Tug-of-War rituals have been held on the island of Okinawa, Japan, in hopes of a good harvest, prayers for rain and giving thanks to the Earth. Celebrated throughout the island for centuries, the tradition was established as a local festival after World War II. Symbolizing yuimaaru, or cooperation, Naha Great Tug-of-War brings locals and tourists alike, Oct. 6–8, to the main event on the final day. Participants take to the rice straw rope, weighing 50 tons and stretching more than 650 feet long, and pull.

La Fiesta des Suds in Marseille, France: Oct. 20–22

Enjoy unique art exhibits and a varied lineup of live music and performances during La Fiesta des Suds in Marseille, France. Celebrated Oct. 20–22, guests enjoy family-friendly activities, live music, dancing, art shows and French cuisine during the annual art festival. Once an industrial-focused city, Marseille offers seaside charm with assorted influences.