Dublin’s All-Ages Appeal

Visiting Dublin with the family is not like traveling to most cities. The mix of quaint allure and rugged rebellious history meshes well and is proudly displayed throughout the city — perfect for multigenerational families. Take the kids of any age and visit the city’s countless landmarks of the Irish revolution, literary history and family-friendly […]

Idyll in Italy

The hillside path winds downward past the crumbling stone ruins of some nameless, long-forgotten building. At the bottom, the ground levels out to accommodate a small lake filled with water that reflects the startling blue of the sky, and my husband James and I pause to relish the view. The fragrance of lemon blossoms fills […]

Unique Tours for the Family in Europe

Take the road less traveled on your next trip to Europe and tour the continent’s lesser-known regions and historic oddities. Opt for a unique tour showcasing the darker side of your favorite city, its unique history or a whimsical tour through its softer side. Known for its rebellious side, it’s no wonder why an Irish […]

Sweet Stay in Gothenburg

My husband James peers at me over the rim of the ceramic mug holding his cappuccino. We’ve paused our sightseeing long enough for fika, Sweden’s traditional coffee timeout/afternoon breather, and there’s one last bite left on the plate of our shared cinnamon bun, selected at the encouragement of the friendly barista at Café Husaren. She […]

Family Travel Through Iceland’s Rugged Landscape

By Richard Newtown If only geology lessons were always like this. After driving 25 miles east of Reykjavík, capital of Iceland, we change into dry suits and flippers. Like fish out of water, we slap our way awkwardly along a path and then down a flight of metal steps. We pull on our facemasks, bite […]

A Family Adventure on England’s Canals

A narrowboat trip through England’s canals is a good way for families to avoid the daily hassles of travel, and take part in an English way of life even many Brits don’t know. It’s like being a turtle: You carry your home with you, sleeping in a new town each night without having to pack […]