5 Reasons to Put Slovenia on Your Bucket List

You’ve likely heard of Slovenia because it’s where First Lady Melania Trump hails from … but probably not for much else. Sure, Hungary has glittering Budapest, Germany has Bavaria and its political powerhouses, and Switzerland has the Alps, but this sleepy little country deserves some love in its own right. Sharing its borders with Austria, […]

Sardinia, an Island Getaway for Families

All that most people know of Italy’s island of Sardinia is the fabled Costa Smeralda, named for its clear blue-green waters and famed as a playground for the very, very rich. It’s true the secluded (and now mostly private) cove beaches of this northeast coast are beautiful, but most of the island is surrounded by […]

New on the “Market” in Israel

Thanks to the recent launches of several food tours and markets, the land of “milk and honey” just got a bit more diverse and flavorful. “Old city” markets are as appealing as ever, but the new offerings allow visitors to delve into neighborhoods and foods that easily broaden the scope of Israel’s food scene. Sarona […]

Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, Champagne

Planning to take the family to Paris? Consider adding a few nights at a perfect countryside getaway, the newly-constructed, 49-room Royal Champagne, opened in July 2018. From Paris, France’s high-speed TGV train travels the 100 miles to Reims, the capital of the Champagne Region, in 45 minutes (Epernay takes 75 minutes). For an even more […]

Hacienda Corralejo: Distilling History and Culture

When is a distillery tour not just a distillery tour? When it offers people of all ages colorful history, culture and food beyond the spirits it produces. In Pénjamo, a short drive from Guanajuato City and Leon, Mexico, Hacienda Corralejo is not just a major attraction for tequila aficionados. It is also a popular site […]

Culinary Democracy: Exploring Singapore’s Food Roots

Singapore’s many museums and government sites stand as monuments for its distinctively multicultural underpinnings. However, the small republic’s food culture shows just how much of a successful melting pot Singapore truly is. Over the centuries, groups from China, the Malay Peninsula and India took full advantage of this commercial hub, as did seafaring traders from […]