Playing Dress Up for Halloween

Choosing a Halloween costume is (hopefully!) as stressful as it gets for most kids. For your travel-loving kids, we took a look at some travel-themed costumes that will set your kids apart from the superheroes, princesses and kitty cats when it comes to trick or treating this year, whether you order costumes online or are more into DIY.


Sure, your kids can dress up like pilots or flight attendants, but why not go for it all and be the main attraction — the plane itself?! has a vintage plane-inspired costume that easily slips on over your child’s clothing — color coordinate to create a seamless look. Or, go the DIY route and be inspired by Pinterest, like we were with this adorable high-flying pilot in her homemade plane.


Thomas the Train leapfrogged the slow travel machine to the top of toddlers’ minds when it comes to Halloween costumes. Again over at, a cute train costume is ready to go for boys and girls. There are loads of Thomas ideas on Pinterest, and it could even be a fun family costume idea to make several train cars and line them up.


Going for the Planes, Trains and Automobiles trifecta, we had to include cars in our round-up of travel-inspired Halloween costumes. One Dad went Back to the Future and built a DeLorean that fit onto his kid’s stroller. For a quick solution, check out the Lightning McQueen readymade costume at Target.

Astronaut Halloween Costume

©Seanlockephotography | Dreamstime


Since he was about three, my nephew has wanted to be an astronaut, and so it was only appropriate he dressed as Buzz Aldrin for Halloween a few years ago. My brother-in-law made his costume and he was ready for the final frontier … or trick or treating, anyway! Need an astronaut costume in a hurry and have Amazon Prime? You’re in luck! has an assortment of astronaut costumes at the ready for your budding space explorer.

Snow Globe

A few years ago, a girl took the Halloween costume by storm when she went as a Dad-designed Hawai’i snow globe. What a fun idea! If your kids have a favorite destination, why not take inspiration from her and create your own snow globe, like this girl did with Paris? A fun family costume idea would be to create a snow globe for a different destination for each family member!