Ponant’s Clean Ship

Environmentally conscious cruising can be a tricky industry to navigate. The energy, labor and fuel powering each vessel can take a toll on the environment and alter natural habitats — not to mention the waste and pollution produced during each expedition.

In response to the need for greener-cruising options, the cruising industry has worked to improve with green initiatives and better waste practices, but Ponant went the extra step of developing the first electric hybrid icebreaking cruise vessel.

Ponant is a French cruise line providing luxury polar expeditions and tours through less-traveled Arctic territories. In partnership with international and environmental experts, Ponant expects its newest endeavor, Icebreaker, to be completed and launched on its first expedition by 2021 — powered by Liquefied Natural Gas.

Ponant cruise ship in Norway

© Björn Wylezich | Dreamstime.com

The new vessel will have 135 staterooms complete with the luxury services, incredible accommodations and amenities Ponant guests expect — all while being a certified Clean Ship and environmentally friendly.

For those looking to explore the less-traveled polar destinations through unique and unforgettable itineraries, the newest Ponant vessel is one to watch for. Future guests can explore the geographic North Pole, Peter I Island, the Ross Sea and the Weddell Sea.

Measuring at 460-feet-long, the Ponant Icebreaker will feature a fleet of 16 expedition Zodiacs, a top-of-the-line spa and wellness center, two onboard helicopters and two restaurants boasting panoramic views. Guests can lounge in the roof-deck pool, or take in the views from inside the ship through the floor-to-ceiling windows lining the vessel.

The Icebreaker is designed to withstand harsh conditions— hence the name — while maintaining the upscale design and amenities of a luxury cruise ship. Explore the great, wide, polar unknown aboard the new vessel — once it launches, of course. Peruse the upcoming itinerary and tour options provided by the new vessel and plan for an epic 2021 family trip.