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Safe Family Travel in Argentina

by Angelique Platas

Dec 4, 2018

© Ymgerman | Dreamstime.com

Travel Tips

For families seeking outdoor adventure and active itineraries while surrounded by endless, rugged beauty, Argentina should be on your list. Ahead of your family trip, no matter the destination, one top-of-mind concern you’ll always have is safety. Whether your kids are a young bunch or older crowd, you’re always going to worry about them — no matter how mature they are. Don’t let safety concerns slow your family down. Keep this list of mindful ways to stay safe and healthy on your next trip.

For starters, Argentina is generally a safe destination for travelers. The long stretch of territory offers a large country surrounded by land and sea, with small towns, quiet villages and close-knit communities strewn throughout. The landscape offers a diverse blend of snow-capped mountains and beaches filled with local fisherman and artisans. Once you’ve narrowed down your locale, because you just can’t do it all in one trip, you’ll have a better idea of the activities and attractions available for your family and how best to navigate.

Tourists at Iguazu Falls

Tourists at Iguazu Falls © Rodrigolab | Dreamstime.com

Stay Alert

While Argentina is statistically the safest country in Latin America for travelers, it’s still important to stay alert. While crime is low in smaller towns and villages, larger cities elicit a little more cause to keep your guard up. Make sure everyone stays together and has their personal belongings somewhere safe and guarded when traveling through crowds — a pretty standard safety request for traveling families.

Get Active

Nearly any locale within Argentina your family chooses will offer a long list of activities. Whether walking through town visiting local shops and historic landmarks; horseback riding through the open countryside; hiking along rugged terrain, spotting wildlife; swimming in the ocean; or hopping on a kayak expedition, make sure everyone in the family is prepared to get active. Stay safe and healthy and know your family’s limits. Make sure everyone is prepared to be out, about and active during your trip.

Stay Hydrated

While outdoor activities abound, your family should stay hydrated. Just active traveling 101, it’s always important to have water on hand, especially when exerting energy and dealing with various altitude levels.

All in all, Argentina is a good destination for Latin American culture, small-town fun, historic city architecture and family friendliness. Picture towns loaded with cowboy-style antics, incredible wildlife interactions and nature.

Stay mindful of your surroundings, stay connected with the family and take full advantage of all the picturesque country has to offer.


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