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Spotlight on La Fonda on the Plaza Hotel

by Angelique Platas

Jul 8, 2018

© Americanspirit | Dreamstime.com

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With green initiatives popping up left and right in the travel and hospitality industry, it’s about time someone was named a winner. The historic La Fonda on the Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe, N.M., has been honored Green Business of the Year by the city’s Chamber of Commerce during the annual Business Awards.

Of the 80 local businesses nominated across six different categories in 2018, the program honors outstanding businesses in the area. Through historical preservation practices, community outreach and environmentally focused efforts, the Chamber of Commerce seeks to better the city through spotlighting positive business practices.

By showing dedication to sustainable operations and economic preservation, La Fonda on the Plaza Hotel showcases what Santa Fe’s Chamber of Commerce considers the most active in green initiatives and sustainable practices.

Bedroom at La Fonda.

Bedroom at La Fonda © Chicagoraccoon | Dreamstime.com

After years of implementing green initiatives and working to become more environmentally friendly, La Fonda was awarded the Hospitality Green honor in 2016. Over the years, the hotel’s improvements include recycling cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, paper and implementing water-saving techniques. Guests’ towels are changed only upon request, linens are changed on the third day of a guest’s stay and low-flow showerheads and toilets are installed.

Concierge desks reduced paper waste by relying on email more than printed documents, as well as recycling computer equipment and office supplies.

The hotel restaurant, La Plazuela, also uses washable cloth napkins, towels and tableclothes as well as eco-friendly food containers for takeout and food prep. Also upon request, guests use cornstarch-based straws that are biodegradable, rather than plastic.

The hotel as a whole reduced energy with eco-friendly light bulbs; non-toxic, soy-based printing inks; low-VOC paints; and environmentally­ friendly cleaning products. Families with sensitivity to harsh cleaning products and chemicals can breath a bit easier at La Fonda.

In addition to the many improvements to business practices over the years, La Fonda is also an active participant in Clean the World practices, having recycled more than half a ton of soap bars to date.

After opening in 1922, La Fonda on the Plaza is the only hotel on the famous Santa Fe Trail and offers a unique, historic take on the city. As one of the oldest hotels in America, reports state an inn resided in La Fonda’s location in the 1600s. Any one of the 180 guestrooms and 15 suites boast family-friendly accommodations for a quirky city stay. Take in the views from the rooftop terrace at the Bell Tower bar, open through October, or head out on the town for street-side dining.

Located near the many attractions of this artsy town and off the main drag, La Fonda offers a fun, sustainable and authentic dip into local culture for your family.


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