Student Tours and Educational Tourism

While high school students are busy with finals and college grads may be barely unpacked from graduation, it’s never too early to think about summer vacation. Most young adults are already dreaming of far-off destinations and tropical beaches, but add in a touch of educational tourism and you can elevate a trip from a lost weekend to a memorable student tour.

One bucket-list destination for most nature-loving, curious travelers is the Galapagos Islands. Inspire the students in your life with a hands-on, active and incredible trip delving into environmental studies, including ecology, biology, wildlife conservation and natural history — all while being in one of the most Instagrammable destinations in the world; so, basically a millennial dream vacation.

Operated by Galakiwi student tours, travelers explore the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador with fellow students and local experts. Galakiwi works with the school organizers and professors creating custom student trips based on specific interests, budget and students involved. Gain invaluable experience in a biological field, understand more about our world and natural preserve practices for a future career, or just learn something new on your adventurous summer vacation.

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Students, expect days of volunteer work including combating invasive species while learning and implementing wildlife conservation skills. Brush up on your Spanish and learn about the use of solar energy and wind power.

During the student tour, travelers hike, kayak, snorkel and swim along the island’s varied terrain, boasting volcano rocks and famous wildlife. Watch the Giant Tortoises rest in the sand and learn all about the varied species on the Galapagos at the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Group trips vary by size, but are on the smaller side for the most part. Check out Galakiwi student group tours of Galapagos and Ecuador anywhere between five–seven days, or three months. Galakiwi tours are available for non-students and avid travelers alike, but the student excursions can be more affordable as they utilize affordable housing and restaurant options.

Check out tours and excursions from Canada and the United States, during the island’s busiest time of year, July–August, or hold out for September and October for great weather, typically lining up with student breaks in Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.