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Jul 7, 2019

Sneaky Summer Vacation Locales With Educational Fun

Just because school is out doesn’t mean the kids will necessarily stop learning. You can easily sneak in some brain-stimulating fun and excitement with a well-planned family vacation — just check out this list of vacation destinations with built-in educational activities the kids won’t mind (or notice)

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By Hainan Airlines

Travel Tips
Jun 17, 2019

Educational Trips to Take During the Summer

Summer is an ideal opportunity for family vacations. The sun is shining, the kids are already off from school and making plans is that much easier.

Travel Tips
Sep 12, 2018

Family-Friendly Podcasts

Driving the kids back to school, visiting family or enjoying an end-of-summer family road trip may leave you and the crew starving for entertainment. Between navigating, intermittent stops, naps and everything else that can arise on a long family drive, do yourself a favor and opt for a family-friendly podcast to occupy the time. The driver and shotgun passenger enjoy a break from changing stations and shuffling music to find something everyone will like and just get to sit back and listen.

Age Specific / Kids
Sep 8, 2018

Best Educational Destinations for Elementary-Age Kids

The kids are back in school and you’re thinking of getting away for fall break. However, there’s no need for the kids to check their brains at the door during your trip just because they’re away from the classroom. We’ve compiled some great destinations for your elementary-age kids, where they can continue their education while the entire family has a great time. They may not even catch on they’re learning valuable lessons about history, art, science and more!