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Wild Animals Come to PHL

by Angelique Platas

Nov 7, 2019

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Some would say the airport is already a zoo, but Philadelphia International Airport is taking that idea to the next level by partnering with Philadelphia Zoo to bring real wildlife to the airport.


The partnership showcases a new crew of exotic birds and mammals at PHL each month, allowing for interaction with animal-loving travelers. The initiative began this summer and was an immediate hit.


“Seeing these wonderful creatures up close, learning all about their species and what makes each of them unique, and interacting with the Zoo staff has both surprised and delighted passengers,” said Chellie Cameron, CEO, PHL. “When we formed this partnership with the Zoo we believed it was a perfect fit for our ongoing efforts to create a positive guest experience at PHL, as well as curate a sense of place, and we are very pleased that this program has been well received.”


While viewing zoo animals on your way to your gate is already a fun addition to a family trip, the airport made the event more interactive and educational with trading cards. Guests can meet the beautiful animals and learn their names, birthdates, unique species and habitat information, favorite snacks and conservation status all from the handy card. Take your card with you as a souvenir and remember your Philadelphia Zoo friend forever.


Some recent Philadelphia Zoo residents who visited the airport include Camilla, a three-banded armadillo who enjoys munching on mealworms; Machu and Picchu, a brother-sister pair of blue-and-gold macaws who can be found snacking on sunflower seeds whenever given the chance; Meg and Tom, two red-footed tortoises in the vulnerable conservation status due to overhunting; and Shenandoah, a stunning red-tailed hawk.


“Philadelphia Zoo is thrilled to partner with Philadelphia International Airport,” said Vikram H. Dewan, CEO and president, Philadelphia Zoo. “The Zoo’s mission is to connect people with animals from around the globe, so what better place than PHL. This is a great partnership, and we are happy to engage passengers and provide a wonderful animal experience.”


Passing through soon? The next monthly zoo visit is scheduled for Nov. 26, 1–3 p.m. and is only available to ticketed passengers.


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