Castles: Europe’s Kid Pleasers

It’s hard to go wrong with a castle. The very word sets kids’ minds to imagining swordplay, armored knights or imprisoned princesses. Almost any castle will do, and it doesn’t even need to be whole. In fact, ruined or semi-ruined ones are more fun, because they are great places for make-believe. Kids can safely walk […]

Martinique for Families: Beyond the Beaches

While the highlight of a family vacation on the Caribbean island of Martinique will be the beautiful beaches and the water sports, there are plenty of other things to do with kids. A Bit of History The area south of Fort-de-France Bay, around Pointe du Bout, has several places where you can take in a […]

Allure of the Loire

Once upon a time, before the kings and queens of France lost their power — and their heads — in the French Revolution, they made an art of spending months at a time in lavish countryside châteaux in the Loire Valley. Hunting was the big draw, but so also was escaping from the rigors of courtly […]