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Jul 17, 2019

How Zeamo Keeps Your Family’s Fitness Goals in Shape

The best thing about family travel, when done right, is it will get everybody out of their comfort zones and off the couch. While the mind and the senses will no doubt be stimulated, there is also the necessity for everybody to stay active. However, this will vary by individual. One kid may need to be tuned up for his or her school sports team when classes resume. Another may be attached to his or her regular spin, Pilates, cross training or yoga class. There may be an older relative coming along looking to lose or gain weight as normal dining habits may be interrupted. However, the hotel fitness room, even in a 5-star resort, will not necessarily be one-size-fits-all.

Destinations / North America
May 11, 2019

Mother-Daughter Bonding Over Ayurvedic Weekends in Vermont

Vermont may be most famous for its colorful fall foliage, but the Green Mountain State is equally glorious in summer, when its many pastures and meadows take on a lush, velvety green hue. Mothers and daughters looking to enjoy this pastoral setting while bonding over Ayurvedic wellness treatments can make the most of a series of retreats at The Fan House Bed & Breakfast in Barnard, Vermont. The property is located in the popular lake community, not far from Woodstock in central Vermont.

Hilton Head Health

Moms with daughters, granddaughters, sisters and cousins often travel together to spa resorts; at Hilton Head Health, I also lunched with a dad and daughter, both return guests. H3 is an all-inclusive getaway with fitness facilities and resort amenities, including a pool on campus and beach, golf and tennis facilities, a naturalist and watersport activities nearby on Hilton Head Island.

Feb 26, 2019

Sheet Masks: Grooming and Primping on the Go

K-Beauty, shorthand for the rising worldwide popularity of South Korean beauty products, transcends trendsetting teenage girls. Paper sheet masks, soaked with formulas addressing everything from anti-aging to anti-acne, and securely packaged in sealed foil envelopes, are at the heart of this wave for many reasons. If your family regularly travels, masks are going to fit right in with other space-saving and TSA-adherent essentials. No bottles, no leakage, no excess weight ... no problem.

Feb 24, 2019

Top Hot Springs in Western Japan

Vacationing with the family in a far-off destination? Do as the Japanese do and head to a hot spring resort. Narrowing down your options can be as difficult or as easy as landing on a locale within the country. Nagato is known for its hot spring culture, views of the Otozure River and quaint village life. If this Western region happens to be where you’re headed, let this list be your guide.

Family Exercise on Vacation

Family vacations tend to be so busy that, by the time you get home, you feel like you need a vacation just to recover from your vacation. In the middle of braving amusement parks, walking along boardwalks and managing to catch all of your flights and have free time to try to decompress, there is not much time left for fitness.