Unplug and Unwind With an Astrotourism Vacation in India

Families looking to wean their kids away from electronics, at least for a little while, can jump on the astrotourism trend — stargazing in the night sky — at a selection of Taj hotels in wonderfully exotic locations in India. From meteor showers and constellations to planets and shooting stars, these properties will help you take […]

Winter Festivals in India

Discover some of the most amazing, but lesser-known festivals this winter in India. For families interested in art, vibrant cultural traditions, history and incredible natural landscapes, India’s winter festivities have you covered. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai: Feb. 2–9 February brings big things to India, including the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Hosted Feb. 2–9 […]

Solo Travel Guide

Solo travel is a growing trend. From young adults traveling between school semesters or well-traveled adults taking a solo sabbatical, approximately 24 percent of Americans went on at least one solo vacation last year, and, according to a MMGY Global report, 46 percent of those travelers were women. Clearly, solo travel is a draw for […]

Safe Family Travel in India

Don’t let the fear of travel or far-off destinations hold your family back from vacationing. Is India on your must-visit list? Relax and enjoy the trip, but first prepare with these for tips for safe travel. Do Your Homework For those looking to travel light, shop around for hotels offering family-friendly products and services. If […]

Affordable Days in Kolkata

Located in India’s West Bengal state, Kolkata boasts colonial architecture, cultural festivals and the Sundarbans — a coastal region and World Heritage site. Bringing the whole family, escaping with friends, couples or traveling solo, Kolkata is a budget-friendly destination. With an abundance of natural beauty, wildlife to explore and lush scenery, check out nature tours […]

Quick Hits for Family Fun in Ahmedabad, India

Located in western India, Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat with a wealth of opportunity for travelers. All ages can find something to do, see and explore, but for those looking for a few quick hits and suggestions, explore the history, culture, nature and family-friendly oddities the city has to offer. […]