Age-Appropriate Books for Travel

When it comes to travel, there is always going to be downtime. For parents, this might mean some extra time to get ahead on work or start planning the next leg of the trip. For kids, though, this part nearly always means boredom. Oftentimes, parents will pack the car or carry-on bag to the brim […]

Star Wars Travel for May 4

Thanks to the way it sounds when spoken in a sentence, May 4 has long been known as a day for Star Wars fans to openly celebrate the movies, books, comics and videogames released since 1976. It is no wonder, then, some people will inevitably want to travel for the occasion. In addition to destinations, […]

Themed Cruises with the Family

Cruising is an old favorite when it comes to family vacations. Many cruise lines have kids clubs specializing in keeping kids occupied while parents are off on adventures. The more family-oriented cruise lines like Disney and Carnival are packed with thing for kids to do, but where do themed cruises fit in all of this? […]

Walt Disney World Expands Universe

Disney families should keep an eye out for a new, nature-inspired Disney resort. Planned for completion in 2022, it’s not too early to begin planning a visit to the 16th Disney Vacation Club property. The mix-use resort will combine luxury villas and unique accommodations with thrilling family fun and, of course, a Disney-level attention to […]

Action-Packed Sailing for the Kids

Finding a family-friendly cruise is easier and more accessible each year. The challenge now will be narrowing down your vessel. Check out newly announced itineraries from Disney Cruise Line and the Cartoon Network Wave — all coming soon to an ocean near you. Disney Cruise Line Disney Cruise Line recently announced a Marvel Day at […]

Family Movie Tourism

Family movie night has a whole new meaning once you’ve been to the film set. Watching your favorite film and TV characters traverse incredible landscapes and travel to far-off destinations inspires wanderlust in the best of us. Hop on the movie tourism trend and trek to your family’s favorite real-life film set. The truly inspirational […]