Montgomery County, Maryland, for Families

Just a short drive from Washington, D.C., Montgomery County, Maryland, is a picturesque retreat with plenty to offer outdoors-loving families. Outdoor Adventures There are quite a few spots to choose from to get your fill of the great outdoors during any season in Montgomery County. At Rock Creek Regional Park, explore 1,800 acres, two lakes […]

Upcoming Art and Culture Festivals Around the Globe

Plan a winter getaway filled with art, culture and off-the-grid creations from artists around the world. Celebrate film in Berlin, fringe arts in Australia and classical music in Canada with the family. Brighten up the long, cold winter with a mix of family-friendly festivities happening all over the globe. Montreal Bach Festival in Montreal, Canada: […]

Icelandic Holidays at Hotel Husafell

Holiday at Hotel Husafell like a true Icelander with the new Taste of the Holidays package. Enjoy the best of the season with authentic Icelandic celebrations, fun traditions and natural wonders with the whole family. Get away with two, or double up for savings for four this holiday season. Hotel Husafell may be a 4-star […]

Winter Festivals in India

Discover some of the most amazing, but lesser-known festivals this winter in India. For families interested in art, vibrant cultural traditions, history and incredible natural landscapes, India’s winter festivities have you covered. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai: Feb. 2–9 February brings big things to India, including the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Hosted Feb. 2–9 […]

Winter in Toronto

While Canadian winters can be brutal, typically seeing sub-zero temperatures and high-wind chills, there is still quite a draw for snow-loving travelers. Toronto in January can be the ultimate time to visit for snow lovers and families seeking fun. Shopping Toronto is already a great shopping city, but, being after the holiday season and with […]

When Off-Season Budget Travel is a Bad Idea

It’s always shoulder season somewhere. Off-season travel can be a wonderful experience for your family when tourist destinations quiet down and vacation deals are up for grabs. But is off season travel always a steal? Not really. From staring down the eye of a tropical storm to paying just slightly below premium prices, here’s when […]