The Hotel on Skis: Kilpisjärvi

Known worldwide for the remote tundra and unbeatable views of the Northern Lights, Finland tops many bucket lists. With unique glamping opportunities, glass-dome huts and a variety of stays dedicated to your view of the night sky, it’s difficult to picture more imaginative accommodations — but that was before the hotel on skis came about.

Picture the most glamorous mobile camper and you might have a rough idea of Kilpisjärvi camps in the Arctic Circle. Towed into a remote wilderness location, the unique cabin stay is just one of three rooms. Sit back and roll out to the prime location for relaxing under the Northern Lights — all from the comfort of your bed. Book a room for two and make it a getaway, or check out all three for a unique family experience.

Aurora Wilderness Camp190318

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Available through Off the Map Travel, the all-new mobile campsite offers a clear view of the sky from the Aurora roof, cozy bed, a table, gas heater, port-o-potty and gas stove. The Aurora Wilderness camp is open through mid-April, and back open again in January 2019 — plenty of time to book and plan your experience.

Guests can move around and explore as they choose within their cabin with the help of the included kick sleds and snowshoes. Explore your surroundings from the comfort of your warm and peaceful room, or head out and enjoy the winter wonderland.

Follow along with the professionals as they lead you and your team of mobile cabins around the Kilpisjärvi area, boasting the region’s most remote landscape and impeccable views. Let your guides teach you and the family how to make your own campfire and grill local meats and sausages while telling stories and enjoying the great Finnish outdoors.

Enjoy the peaceful camp to yourselves with snacks and hot drinks and even a warm breakfast included in your overnight stay.

Off the Map Travel offers some truly unique and inspired itineraries for outdoorsy travelers. With this camp excursion, guests enjoy private airport transfers, two-night accommodations in a log chalet and one night on the Aurora Wilderness Camp, including all meals.

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For those requiring a more custom experience tailored to their family, this can be accomplished. Upon booking, choose the best fit for your family, including specific requirements and special needs, and make the experience all your own. Check out the other activities available and, keep in mind, flights are additional.