Travel Goals to Make for the New Year

By Audrey Lee

A fresh new start is coming when we ring in the New Year. For some, this means setting a list of goals to accomplish in the next 12 months. As you begin to write down ideas for what you want to set out to do, consider these travel-related goals you can set for yourself or involve your whole family.

Learn a New Language

Set out to expand your skill set by learning a new language. While this may be hard, challenging yourself will give you the satisfaction of accomplishing something with a great pay off. Learning a new language opens up better communication while traveling and can also help you land a better job where they may need bilingual employees. If learning a whole language is too overwhelming, try to just pick up on the basics of the language. Let your kids join in on the learning process so they can pick up some phrases.

Visit Somewhere New

It is easy to get stuck in a routine of doing the same things over and over again. Visiting the same lake house every year can become fond family memories, but it also takes away from traveling somewhere new. Instead of renting the lake house, venture out into a new state or country to create different memories and open your family’s eyes to other places in the world. Browse Airbnb to see where you can rent unique houses, cabins and even house boats.

Taste New Cuisine

Food is a big part of every culture. Going to restaurants you regularly visit or choosing items on menus that seem familiar while traveling in a new country can hinder your chance to expand your taste buds. Try having everyone pick something exotic you would typically never order. Share the dishes so you can sample a variety of flavors. Your kids may have a harder time doing this if they are picky eaters, but it may also give them the opportunity to venture out into a new culinary world. Skip the chain restaurant you can find at home and go somewhere local.

Experience Different Excursions

Traveling in heavily populated areas with tourists can lead to a lot of the same attractions no matter where you are. Try searching around the area you’re visiting for unique experiences you can only do in that part of the world. Anything you may be able to do at home, like go-karts and wax museums, seem to be tourist traps that take away from the originality of the wonderful place you are visiting.