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Travel Outside the Box With UnCruise

by Eugenia Lazaris

May 24, 2019

MNStudio | Dreamstime.com


Cruising is a fun way to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation with the family — you get to visit exotic locations, be entertained by on-ship entertainment and enjoy an endless supply of world-class food. But, as modern cruise ships have evolved into floating cities, the focus seems to have drifted away from the thrill of adventure and more toward which ships can offer the most exciting amenities. Water slides, rock climbing walls and zip lines have taken center stage,  making it all too easy to forget about the actual destination.


UnCruise is a small ship cruising adventure that will give your family a whole new meaning to the word “cruising.” These unique cruises take guests back to a simpler time when the world was big and waiting to be explored.


While large-ship cruises offer pre-planned, cookie-cutter shore excursions, UnCruise’s expert guides help you plan your adventures nightly. Excursions include hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and exploring, and typically focus on remote locations that larger cruise ships are unable to access. With UnCruise, the entire trip is the adventure as the journey.


UnCruise not only offers exciting destinations like Alaska, Hawai’i, Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands and the Panama Canal, but they offer a wide variety of cruise types as well. In addition to standard destination cruises, guests can choose from wellness cruises and themed cruises that have a spotlight on marine life, wildlife, ornithology and photography. There are even cruise choices that specialize in exploring the local history and culture of featured destinations with storyteller’s cruises.


Small-Ship Family Cruise.

Small-Ship Family Cruise. Photo: Sakkmesterke | Dreamstime.com


Ship capacities range from 22 to 90 passengers, creating an intimate experience where you are treated like a treasured guest rather than a number. Not only do crewmembers know each passenger by name, you go home at the end of your trip with a whole slew of new friends you made onboard.


UnCruise practices sustainability in all that they do. Crewmembers are dedicated to respecting and preserving the nature they explore and take their commitment seriously by following Leave No Trace practices. Local food and supplies are utilized onboard and only sustainable seafood is served. Single-use plastic water bottles are not used on the ships — only reusable ones provided for guests to use during the journey. Conservation efforts are maximized to minimize pollution and waste production.


One of the unique bonuses of a small vessel cruise line is the ability to book private, chartered cruises for groups or families, making it an incredible choice for events like family reunions or milestone birthday celebrations.


UnCruise offers families an added benefit with its Family Discoveries Program, designed to ensure kids aged 8–13 years old have the optimal cruising experience. Ticket prices include meals, beverages (yes, even the alcoholic kind!), national park admission fees and most shore excursions. Voyages for the 2020 season are already booking and with limited capacity aboard each vessel, it is time to start planning your next vacation.


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