Trips to Take With Adult Kids

By Audrey Lee

As kids begin to get older, the sadness of growing out of adolescence may overwhelm parents. Long will be the days of wowing your kids with simple trips to the zoo or going to story time at the local library. As they grow older, you may realize travel will become easier. When they are old enough to drive, they can become your designated driver and then, when they can legally consume alcohol, the doors open to traveling to more sophisticated places. Your family can enjoy a nice vacation catered more toward adults than children.

Booking a stay in upstate New York for wine tastings around the Finger Lakes is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful scenery and sample locally made wines. With several lakes to choose from and plenty of wineries to stop in on, the Finger Lakes can be a relaxing trip for anyone over the age of 21. To take a break from drinking, the family can go hiking, shop and enjoy new restaurants in the area.

Family in New York on vacation © James Vallee |

Family visiting a waterfall in New York on vacation © James Vallee |

For a louder, energy-filled trip, plan a trip to Las Vegas. Having a reputation from movies and television of booming dance clubs and accidental weddings, Las Vegas is more family-friendly than it gets credit for. Teach your adult children how to gamble. With so many casinos to choose from, learning a new game or two is a breeze. The casinos offer free, in-person classes for games. Be sure to show up early as many people are just as eager to learn the game. Classes begin with instructions and then practice rounds where you get to play yourself. Taking classes is a good idea before hitting the casino floor, as seasoned players can get snippy if you do not know what you are doing. These classes are also a great way to bond with your family and learn something new. If gambling isn’t for you, Las Vegas has tons of shows, from concerts, magicians and plays, to get tickets to or golf courses to get some games on.

New Orleans is an ideal travel destination for families who love food. With new culinary experiences on every corner, you and your family will leave New Orleans 20 pounds heavier. One perk about your kids growing up is their willingness to try new foods. The picky eater stage has come and gone and now they are open to trying exotic meals. Along with the food, New Orleans has live music and a lively nightlife that will help you bond in ways you did not think of before. Let loose and parade around Bourbon Street with a hurricane in hand.