Get the Family Together to Celebrate in New Orleans

New Orleans. NOLA. N’Awlins. However you say it, the Louisiana city celebrates its 300th anniversary this year and, while people may know the Crescent City for Bourbon Street, Hurricanes and beads, New Orleans is a family-friendly destination, too. Here, we take a look at ways you and your family can celebrate the city’s tricentennial, or […]

St. Patrick’s Day Events Around the Globe

An ancient story of a saint bringing Catholicism to Ireland — all while driving snakes from the land — is a rare excuse a party, but, luckily for us, Ireland found a way. With a three-day festival filled with Guinness drinking, dancing, live music and the pinnacle of the entire event, the St. Patrick’s Day […]

Best Museum Cities for Kids

Winter can be tricky to plan that outdoorsy adventure you’ve been dreaming of, but with museum-packed cities, there’s lots of indoor fun to be had, too. If you’re planning to hit up Seattle anytime soon, the Seattle Children’s Museum and Tacoma Art Museum are great bets; other options include the Seattle Art Museum, Museum of […]

Family-Friendly Festivals in New Orleans

Family and festival in New Orleans may seem like an oxymoron, but there is much more to this city than throwing beads on Mardi Gras. Kids of all ages enjoy the eclectic city for its live music culture, incredible food and exciting energy. Opt for a trip this spring and bring the family for one […]

Music Vacations for Teens

Instead of fighting with your teen on the kind of music they’re blasting into their earbuds, embrace their love for the art form and turn it into a vacation. A music vacation is the perfect way to connect with your teen and learn to appreciate different types of music together. From rock and roll to […]

9 Places to See Life-Size Gingerbread Houses, Chocolate Village

When it comes to the holidays, one of the festive ways to decorate is with gingerbread houses. Plenty of families’ traditions include baking and decorating small houses at home, but it’s fun to go and see what the pros can do. Here, we take a look at eight places to see life-sized gingerbread houses for […]