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U.S. Bicycle Route System Adds 5 New Routes

by Kimberly Krol Inlander

Jan 14, 2021

Photo: Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime.com

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Five new U.S. Bicycle Routes have been designated in four states — Maryland, New York, North Dakota and West Virginia — and Washington, D.C. These add 290 miles to the U.S. Bicycle Route System.


Maryland’s USBR 201, at 62.5 miles, shares on-road routing with East Coast Greenway. In New York, USBR 11, running north to south, travels from Lake Ontario before crossing the Erie Canalway and then ending at the border with Pennsylvania. Co-designated with New York Bicycle Route 14, USBR 11 is 118.8 miles. At 87.5 miles, USBR 30, located in North Dakota, crosses U.S. Highway 12, an area where wildlife outnumbers people. Washington, D.C., sees USBR 1 following seven miles of the Potomac River, along Capital Crescent and Rock Creek Trails. Lastly, West Virginia’s 17.7-mile USBR 11 connects to routes in Maryland and crosses Appalachian farm country.


The developing USBRS is a national network of recognized, numbered and signed bicycle routes, all designated by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. With the new additions, the total routes include 14,841 miles in 31 states and the nation’s capital. Nearly 40 states already have or are developing U.S. bicycle routes.


“Interest in bicycling has grown in recent years, and especially in recent months as the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many people to turn to bicycling for daily commuting, recreation and tourism,” said Jim Tymon, executive director, AASHTO. “The expanding USBRS network is an important contribution to the nation’s transportation system.”


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