Unique Parisian Tours

Paris offers enough history, elegance and je ne sais quoi to impress even the worldliest traveler. This dream destination is lined with iconic sights and must-see landmarks, allowing your family to easily view everything from the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre to Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe while walking the picturesque city streets.

Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris at sunset, France

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For those looking to explore the less-traveled destinations in Paris, book a unique private tour with the whole family. Navigate off the beaten path and through the unique streets of the City of Lights with one of these tour options.

Did you know there is a Jewish and Latin Quarter of Paris? Unique Paris Private Tours offers everything from essential city landmarks and museums to the off-the-beaten-path locales you didn’t know existed. Explore the outskirts of the city on a full-day Champagne tour visiting local villages, vineyards and mansions, or stay local and enjoy a walking tour of the city’s best flea markets. Enjoy shopping, sightseeing and casual treks along the less-traveled streets of the city. The kids will get a local experience in an otherwise touristy locale.

Pantheon In Latin Quartier, Paris France

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Take an unusual tour of Paris with Paris City Vision on one of 49 tours. Take in the darker side of the city with an Evening City Walk, listening to Parisian history, true crime and horror stories. Explore the fringe neighborhoods and history of the city along this unique tour while spooking out the kids and giving them a few unique stories to tell back home.

Nighttime on a busy Montmartre street on the Place du Tertre, Paris, France

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For another edgy, but a bit lighter, tour, opt for Scandalous Paris. The Belle Époque brothels tour tells tales of the city’s 19th–20th-century erotica and famous courtesans. The adult children and Moulin Rouge! fans in the family will find the tour a bit off the wall and enlightening.

Help the kids improve their Instagram feeds with the #BestPhotosTourParis. Living up to its name, this tour showcases lesser-known, but just as photogenic destinations in the city during a three-hour walking tour. Get some exercise, impressive photos and make unique memories to take home with the family.