What to Pack While Cruising with a Baby

The all-inclusive, put-your-feet-up, don’t-have-to-think vacation atmosphere is almost too appealing to pass up. For those with young children and babies in tow, this includes you. Yes, traveling with a baby or toddler has its own set of rules, but new parents don’t have to miss out on the fun just because they have a little one. Most cruises allow babies as young as 6 months old onboard, so it has been done before. Some trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific cruises, like South America and Hawai’i, requires babies to be at least 12 months old, but check with your preferred cruise line first.

Now that you’ve chosen your cruise and destination, it’s time to get everything you need together for your trip. You know what you need to pack, but here are a few accessories you should throw in your suitcase to ease your travel anxiety. 

One savvy traveler hack is to always wear a scarf on the plane. It can be used to cover your face to sleep, as a pillow or a myriad of other uses, but traveling with a little one may make you upgrade to the Boppy Teething Scarf. While appearing like an everyday scarf, the Boppy also serves to dry tears, even crocodile ones, drool and any little messes in flight. The teether is made of food-grade silicone and can ease your teething baby’s sore gums.

Off the plane and heading toward the ship, you may want to check out the Comfy Fit Baby Carrier. Use this versatile accessory to carry your baby and skip the stroller. You’ll feel lighter and have less to keep track of. The Comfy Fit stands up to its name, as it’s weaved with spandex. It may be movable like yoga pants, but also supportive — comfortably securing babies up to 35 pounds. Stash snacks and binkies in the zipper pocket and you’re good to go.

For nursing moms, bring along a Boppy Confidence Builder pillow. Whether in your room or enjoying the view on deck, the nursery pillows and slipcovers are easy to travel with and add to your overall comfort level while traveling or at home.

If you opted for a beach cruise, as many families do, you may need something supportive on the sandy beaches as well, like the Boppy’s Tummy Time Prop. The C-shaped pillow helps support your baby while laying on their stomach playing with attachable toys and soft pages. Keep them entertained and comfortable on the sand.

While you may already have a nursery filled with accessories for baby, it’s essential to think about what will make your trip easier when packing, as you’re going to have to bring enough necessities as it is. Pack smart and check out Porthole Cruise news and suggestions as you get closer to your trip.