Why Westin Hotels & Resorts are Best Way to Disconnect While Traveling

Always at the forefront of wellness, health and fitness in the hospitality industry, Westin Hotels & Resorts now want guests to take their FOMO, or fear of missing out, and replace it with JOMO, the joy of missing out.

Just after World Sleep Day, March 15, and with only one last day to take advantage of the offer, guests at participating Westin Hotels & Resorts can hang the #JOMO tag on their room door and sit back, relax and wait for the self-care amenities to arrive. While your family may be all go-go-go during the day, exploring and seeing the sights, it’s nice knowing you have the encouraged option to just take it easy at night.

The phrase “joy of missing out” speaks more to Westin’s interest in making sure guests enjoy their stay, keep up with healthy routines while traveling and live their best lives — even on the road, whether that means staying in and enjoying a fresh, clean meal by room service, or turning in early with the bedside Sleep Well Lavender Balm, infused with the calming essential oils of lavender and chamomile.

Westin guests can go for a group run, hit the gym and enjoy soothing wellness facility services and feel good about it all while unwinding at night and not letting all of that great, healthy work go to waste. While the focus on healthy, happy lifestyles is always Westin’s thing, the Sleep Well amenities by way of the #JOMO door tags are only available through March 17.

The hashtag also encourages guests to unplug and untether themselves from technology. While the emails may keep coming and social media will call, there’s some incentive to disconnect: The Westin will reward your #WestinJOMO social media movement with 250 Marriott Bonvoy points — a little counterintuitive, but you know the kids were going to post a picture anyway, so you might as well get some points for it.

While World Sleep Day may be behind us, the positive effects of healthy sleep habits are forever. Westin hotels around the world have unique and effective ways to keep guests, families and travelers on the right track.

Kayaks on the beach, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Kayaks on the beach, Hilton Head, South Carolina © Smvphotos | Dreamstime.com

Families heading south for warmth, Westin Hilton Head Island offers an Unplugged package for guests who would like the televisions disconnected in their rooms. You can even do the unthinkable and trade in your cell phones in exchange for bicycle rentals, spa time and kayak tours.

Fear the tech-induced blue light illuminating from all the screen time your family endures? Guests of Westin Brisbane can opt for a hydropeptide detox facial to ease to effects of HEV, or blue light, on skin.

Sleep always comes a bit easier after a day of physical activity, so active guests can join Westin London’s running club, Rise & Run. Hit the banks of the River Thames on the first Tuesday of every month for a little more than a three-mile run.

Over in Canada, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver is great for yogis looking for a meditative experience with the Liquid Yoga program. Guests find their floating aquamats and engage in a 60-minute vinyasa session in the indoor pool.

For serious athletes and competitors, the Westin brand partnered with the Tokyo Marathon to give VIP packages to Marriott Bonvoy loyalty members.

No matter your family’s speed, nutritional interests or nightlife habits, the Westin brand has a slew of family-friendly attractions, dining options and excursion opportunities. You may not want to spend the whole trip missing out, but you’ll definitely enjoy quality JOMO moments together.