Winter in Toronto

While Canadian winters can be brutal, typically seeing sub-zero temperatures and high-wind chills, there is still quite a draw for snow-loving travelers. Toronto in January can be the ultimate time to visit for snow lovers and families seeking fun.


Toronto is already a great shopping city, but, being after the holiday season and with tourism on the lower side, there will be plenty of deals in the downtown shopping centers. The Toronto Eaton Center, Bloor-Yorkville, China Town and Queen Street tend to be the more popular destinations for great shopping. The kids enjoy the post-holiday decorations, which are still up and glittering off the snow, while popping in stores, taking hot chocolate breaks and feeling like a local.

Niagara Falls Icewine Festival

Each year, the Niagara Falls Icewine festival sees award-winning wines paired with lavish events and views. Take in the stunning falls with a fine wine, hit the casino with the older kids or just take advantage of the fun festival activities with the kids. Typically hosted mid-January, the event draws an all-ages crowd, despite the wine-centric fun.


While a bit early for any set details, Winterlicious in Toronto is a beloved foodie festival for all ages. Bring the older kids and indulge in the finer things and fixed price menus, or start the little ones young — just bundle up! Typically over the last week in January or in early February, more than 220 top-tier restaurants will participate in the winter foodie festival. This winter-fest brings out unique and artful cuisine by top chefs, showing off Canada’s finest culinary creations.


Whether you’re a sports family, or not so much, hockey is a must for tourists looking to immerse themselves in Canadian — it’s genuinely just a good time. Cheer on the Maple Leafs in their home venue, or keep warm and enjoy a game from afar in Wayne Gretzky’s sports bar.

Toronto Light Fest

Head to the Distillery District for the Toronto Light Fest, and dining and shopping. While the days may be cold and nights may be dark, locals and tourists enjoy the light and creativity of Toronoto Light Fest, Jan. 19–March 3, 2019. The event seeks to inspire, entertain and bring indoor-dwellers out for an artistic and fun festival.