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3 Products to Ensure You Travel Comfortably

by Audrey Lee

Jul 16, 2021

Courtesy of Delta Children

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Long flights, car rides where you can’t recline or train rides that never seem to end are downsides to getting to your destination. Try these products next time you have a long road ahead to travel comfortably.


The Scrumptious Travel Pillow by Honeydew Sleep


Curved to fit your neck perfectly, the Scrumptious Travel Pillow will be your favorite accessory to catch some zzzs in the car. The pillow is 21 inches by 12 inches, making it slightly larger than a typical travel neck pillow, but it can easily be packed away in the travel case to not take up space when not in use. The design of the stitching and choice of fabric helps keep the shape of the pillow, so travelers don’t need to worry about it becoming flat and uncomfortable. For hot sleepers, the filling is mixed with copper flakes, which, combined with the foam, creates a naturally cool and antibacterial product.


SensaCalm Sleep Mask


Sleep without the disturbance of the bright sun peering through the airplane window with a SensaCalm mask. Compiled of smooth satin on one side and fuzzy fleece on the other, this facemask will keep your eyes and face cool or warm depending on your preference. These masks come in black, gray, pink or blue and are made with non-toxic glass beads. For an added touch, place the mask in the freezer or a cooler before use to feel extra refreshed.


Revolve Reversible Stroller by Delta Children


Give infants and toddlers a comfortable place to nap while you keep exploring with the Revolve Reversible Stroller. Only weighing 21.5 pounds, this stroller is lightweight, and can be easily folded up using one hand so you can still hold on to your child at the same time. Parents have the option to have children facing forward or backward. Add-ons include a removeable carriage for $99 and a car seat for $45. The Revolve Reversible Stroller will give kids a place to rest their head and wake up feeling refreshed for another adventure.


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