4 Best Apps for Winter Hikes

Before embarking on a hike, there are several aspects to consider. From health and wellness tools tracking your location, elevation and trip duration to emergency first-aid situations, there’s an app for that. Slippery conditions and changing winter weather can sneak up on you so, as outdoorsy families and active travelers know, better safe than sorry.

Couple Hiking in winter with dog

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Consider safety first for you and your family and download the First Aid app by Red Cross on your mobile device. Available for free on iOS and Android devices, the official Red Cross app is tailored to your location. Read up on the app’s pre-loaded content, giving users easy access to all safety information at any time.

Take advantage of expert advice for everyday emergencies and have peace of mind for outdoor adventures. Prepare for emergencies before your hike or family outing with the app’s many diagrams, videos, advice and interactive quizzes.

For a little inspiration, check out AllTrails system for biking, running, hiking and outdoor excursions. Available for free on both iOS and Android, this app allows users the inside scoop on more than 50,000 trails. Explore, plan and record new hikes and save them in your app history to revisit. Look at maps and read expert tips and must-see site suggestions while planning or on the move. Check out the weather conditions and any news about the area that may be pertinent to your hike.

Hiking in snow looking at mountain peak

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Add a little education to your trip and use your phone’s camera to locate peak names and elevations and track your location with PeakVisor. Available on iOS devices for $4, PeakVisor provides a 3D compass and incredible graphics to detail your mountain location. Again, as winter weather can change and elements can get in the way, it will be helpful to know exactly where you are while on your outdoor adventure.

During the changing seasons and colder weather creeping in, Weather Live may be a vital app to add to your repertoire while venturing outdoors. Available on iOS and Android for $3–5, this app brings users satellite updates with meteorological data including wind speed, direction, humidity, air pressure, precipitation and visibility. Check out the device’s cloud and rain maps with animated weather radar of the United States, giving users precise weather insight.