5 Kid-Friendly Hotels in Mendoza

Finding family-friendly stays is one thing, but locking down a kid-friendly hotel or resort can be another story. When it comes to the kids, if they’re happy, chances are you’ll be happy — so find a place that helps you have it all. Visit Mendoza, Argentina, with ease with this list of kid-friendly accommodations. Mod […]

Japan with Kids

Tackling Japan with kids takes some planning and ingenuity to get it right. Given the language and cultural barriers, using an experienced travel planner or joining a family-friendly tour can be helpful, but isn’t entirely necessary. Pic -out a few regions in Japan that you’re keen to explore and mix in a combination of cultural […]

Family-Friendly Airlines Make Traveling With Young Children Easy

Traveling with young children can be a joy and a challenge, especially when a long plane trip is involved. While there are a lot of things about air travel to make it enjoyable for kids — riding in an airplane, meeting the captain and being responsible for their own carry-on bag — there are a […]

4 Best Apps for Winter Hikes

Before embarking on a hike, there are several aspects to consider. From health and wellness tools tracking your location, elevation and trip duration to emergency first-aid situations, there’s an app for that. Slippery conditions and changing winter weather can sneak up on you so, as outdoorsy families and active travelers know, better safe than sorry. […]