Antarctica Cruises with Abercrombie & Kent

Plan an unforgettable cruise to the Great White Continent, Antarctica. Home to the South Pole, historic research stations, a wealth of wildlife and ice-covered everything, Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime destination to check out for your next family cruise.

Abercrombie & Kent began voyaging to Antarctica more than 25 years ago and with 200 trips under its belt, the cruise line features a variety of luxury expeditions for every polar explorer.

Penguin colonies, cruise ship & tourists, Petermann Island, Antarctica

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Embark on a polar adventure onboard A&K’s Le Lyrial, sailing through unending panoramic views. Look out over the incredible wildlife and landscape of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands before reaching the wild coast of Antarctica, with excursions incorporated along the way.

This 17-day journey begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and includes a luxury stay in Palacio Duhau, Park Hyatt. Guests hop on charter flights to and from Ushuaia for convenient transfers and experience Antarctica’s one-of-a-kind landscape with the help of award-winning, expert guides.

Guests visit active research stations and gain a better understanding of the habitat and the preservation efforts put into motion to protect the land and wildlife. Enjoy unforgettable shore excursions onboard a Zodiac, a sturdy inflatable boat used for off-ship exploration.

Get even closer to the incredible, vast white landscape of Antarctica and observe thousands of penguins, seals, whales and varied wildlife peacefully making their way around the Zodiac.

Photography Cruise Antarctica

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Choose from two special A&K departures of Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands: the Family Holiday package, launching in December complete with children’s programming, fun celebrations and unforgettable polar explorations; and a specially-designed Photography Expedition in January. The Photography adventure, led by A&K’s professional photography coaches, is designed for all skill levels, photography equipment preferences and experience — welcoming everyone from novice photographers to published professionals.

Keep it simple with the 12-day journey through the Classic Antarctica expedition. Beginning again with a stay in Palacio Duhau, Park Hyatt, on Alvear Avenue in Buenos Aires, travelers explore Ushuaia on their cruise through The Drake Passage to Antarctica.

King penguin and chick, with the big colony of King penguin

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Learn about local wildlife with special guest lecturers, scientists and experts on all things Antarctica. Book your 2018 or 2019 journey early and save about $3,000 per ticket.

All A&K Arctic cruises’ guests enjoy onboard gratuities such as unlimited house drinks and all port charges. Prices range from $12,000–20,000 per person, depending on the expedition and season. Check out the individual brochures and itineraries online to get a better idea of which trip works best for you and your family.

Rest assured, the epic landscape of Antarctica and the luxury accommodations and services provided by Abercrombie & Kent will blow you away.