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Romantic Cruises

Given all the work, thought and, yes, love you put into all you do for your kids, wouldn’t it be nice if a romantic break you both took involved little or no planning at all? Marina Shumaiev, co-founder and CTO, CruiseBe.com, offers a few suggestions to make that getaway more spontaneous and less stressful. Choose […]

Yokohama With Teens: Urban Japan, Unplugged

Shinjuku. Shibuya. Harajuku. These Tokyo neighborhoods are synonymous with global, trend-setting youth culture. However, not every teen embraces large crowds and an onslaught of light and sound. Others who love what they see may still want a relaxed break from the action. While the Japanese capital is the dream destination for fans of gaming and […]

Planning a Last-Minute Getaway? Spring Into Action

Sometimes it’s hard to plan ahead if everybody in your family runs on a different schedule. This is especially true for family spring break travel, where the free week off changes from year to year. However, what to do if everybody’s free time lines up last minute … like late February when a lot of […]

Snowed In: Indoor Skiing Complexes Around the Globe

Ski season is a year-round prospect given there are notable (and formidable) ski and snowboarding hubs and mountain ranges in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. However, indoor skiing complexes provide folks cool opportunities to have a full-blown alpine experience in some unexpected and interesting places. Better still, they are tailor made for family groups and […]

Rock Solid Adventure Meets High Western Style at The Boulders

As multigenerational vacations become increasingly popular in the United States and kids outgrow the confines of the designated “kids’ club” area, finding a genuinely interesting and uncontrived one-size-fits-all solution for different travelers can pose a challenge. Furthermore, there’s the reality some family members have been into outdoor sports before they could walk, while others are […]