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Elyse Glickman

Travel Tips
Mar 18, 2020

The Road to Respect: 10 Travel Etiquette Tips to Know

For all of its kitsch, exaggerations and pratfalls, the 1985 film National Lampoon’s European Vacation still works as a cautionary tale on how not to behave during a trip abroad, with the fictional Griswold family experiencing the consequences of breaking every common sense rule on avoiding the “ugly tourist” stereotype and being oblivious to the locals’ reactions.

Wherever Awards 2019

By Whereverfamily.com, the trusted travel source for the modern family, announces the winners of the Wherever Awards.

Age Specific / Teens
Mar 16, 2020

Independent Beauty Expo Unveils Travel Essentials for Teens

The annual Independent Beauty Expo presents industry professionals, retail operators and influencers with the newest beauty and grooming products — many made from natural ingredients rather than synthetics — and this year’s Los Angeles edition of the show showcased many age-appropriate things for busy teens on the go that are now available to the general public.

Destinations / North America
Mar 11, 2020

Yoga Adventure Offers Custom-Made Vacations for Every Kind of Family

Several high-end resorts in Hawai’i now offer families customized yoga and wellness programs in glorious natural settings. Deborah Koehn and David Blehert extended the concept — and options for different kinds of families — through their company Yoga Adventure. While the couple opens their home, Hale Kai (a Robinson Crusoe-style oceanfront yoga center) several times a year, they also organize and lead retreats in other destinations, including Bali, Morocco, India and Peru.

A New Outdoor Bonding Experience

With technology advancing faster than ever, children globally are becoming attached to devices. Adults too. Our Netflix queue and ever-expanding inbox call our names even when we’re on vacation. We carry distractions with us everywhere, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to truly connect with your loved ones.

Age Specific / Adult Children
Mar 10, 2020

Life-Affirming Charm in Hiroshima, Japan

Families looking for an intimate and authentic foray into Japanese life, one that contrasts with bustling Tokyo and perennial tourism magnet Kyoto, will enjoy Hiroshima Prefecture and its hub, Hiroshima City.