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A Family Vineyard with Heart

Napa is a celebrated romantic destination for Valentine’s Day (or President’s Day weekend and wedding anniversaries, for that matter). And what’s there not to love? The best-known wine production in America has going for it fantastic, spring-like weather, first-class dining, and a refined and sophisticated mix of familiar and emerging wineries. In fact, Napa Valley in […]

Cyber Smarts on the Road

Today’s parents have double the responsibilities of their parents and grandparents in that they not only have to protect their children and families from the hazards of the real world, but also the world online. For this reason, it is a good idea for parents to monitor their kids’ online activities and computer habits — […]

A Fresh Coat

Whether your family is planning a walk in a winter wonderland or an adrenaline-generating ski vacation, winter gear is a must. And if your family includes older kids and teens, style is going to be as important as the coat’s ability to fend off winter winds and snow. Beyond basic fashion, however, there are other […]