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Best Locales for Poolcations

For some, summer doesn’t start until the wet drops from their kid’s perfectly executed cannonball lands on their body. Lounging and playing in the pool are huge parts of summer fun and many hotels created programs to extend that fun in new directions, thus creating the perfect poolcation. Guests of Fashion Island Hotel don’t have to […]

Travel Gifts for Grads

Your recent grad likely already has bunches of blank journals sitting in some dusty corner. If you want to inspire them to fill them, then help them create the experiences they’ll never want to forget. Do this by making it easier for them to love traveling around the suddenly wide open world. No more classes […]

Mentawais Islands: A Surfing Family’s Paradise

Surfers are crazy. Maybe not the certifiable kinda crazy but they will go to insane lengths to catch that perfect wave. For his milestone birthday, my surfer husband, Howard, wanted to surf around the Mentawais Islands in Indonesia. His dream was for our family of five to ride on one wave at the same time. […]

Good ‘Ol Fashioned Fun in Irvine

In a city that feels like a boon to big business, with office buildings and hotels dominating the skyline, Irvine, California, also hosts a number of fun activities that both educate and entertain visiting families. We stayed at Hotel Irvine, its retro chic, vibrant decor an invitation to lounge and relax with a young, hip […]