Best Cities for Cycling Families

by Angelique Platas

Sep 11, 2019

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The only way to really feel immersed with the family in a new location is through hands-on exploration. While hoofing it on foot is always a great way to get a lay of the land, cycling is a lot faster and can cover far more ground in less time.


Explore these top five cities for cycling to see even more highlights in one day.



A list about cycling wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Amsterdam, so we might as well start with it. Famous for the easily bike-able streets and near 50/50 bike-to-car ratio, Amsterdam is a peddlers’ paradise. The capital of the Netherlands is known as the bicycle capital of the world and great for families of all ages. Expect tourists and locals alike traveling to and fro on bikes when not on foot.



Between Berlin’s stunning architectural landmarks by day, vibrant club scene by night and endless arts and culture stops to keep the kids in your crew busy, you’re going to want to save your steps. Bike around the German capital’s easy, pedestrian-friendly city streets with wide paths perfect for cycling, even in the more touristy areas.


Buenos Aires

One you may not expect, another easily traversed capital city, Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a densely populated metropolis with a beach coastline and plenty of green spaces and cycle-friendly paths. You’re going to want a few bikes to get your family from one corner of the city to the next, with easy access to lounge on the beach, hop back on for some outdoor dining options or back to the hotel to change. See the high-rises and bright lights of downtown, or ride along the coastline with the kids — either way, the cycle-friendly streets and trails lead to something fun.

Copenhagen. Photo: Ungureanu Vadim | Dreamstime.com


Denmark’s capital and another top cycling destination, Copenhagen is a city of exploration. Whether on foot or bike seat, your family can see the sights from the iconic Tivoli Gardens and “The Little Mermaid” statue to Amalienborg just by pedaling. Expect cyclers along every path in the city with bike parking galore.



The old-world charm of Montreal’s varied European-style streets offers cyclers easy paths through the innerworkings of the city. Explore Old Montreal and get from top attractions, like Notre-Dame Basilica and Mount Royal, in half the time it would take to walk and without the hassle and expense of a cab.


All the while, exploring a new city by bicycle is far more affordable and eco-friendly than ride shares, especially with a group of friends or family — win, win.


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