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Best Green Spaces for Fall in Philly

by Angelique Platas

Sep 1, 2019

Jon Bilous | Dreamstime.com

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The green spaces of Philadelphia spread far and wide, but they may not be on your radar when you arrive in the city this fall.


From the city parks and squares to public gardens, a simple daytrip outside the city grid of high-rises is a great way to enjoy the city’s historic Fairmont Park and unique green spaces with the family. Skip the over-traveled, leaf-changing locales you’re used to and try on Philly’s parks for a change.


Wissahickon Valley Park

Beloved by local hikers and adventurous trail runners, Wissahickon Valley Park boasts more than 50 miles of trails, suitable for all levels of athleticism. Situated in Fairmount Park’s 1,800-acre northwestern section, Wissahickon is a great spot for family nature walks before brunch, cycling to another location and even horseback riding. With paths leading to climbing locales, a scenic creek, the city’s last covered bridge and Forbidden Drive — a five-mile gravel trail — this park offers a variety of stunning views and outdoor activity.


Rail Park

Living up to the name, Rail Park is an elevated track remaining from the former Reading Railroad beaming with new life — literally. Now home to lush plant life, unique artwork, wooden swings and various seating for visitors, the Rail Park is in its first phase of a larger plan to transform the three-mile section. The once abandoned elevated tracks and rail lines will soon be twice the size of New York City’s High Line and a great place to bike, walk around with the kids and enjoy urban views in a rural oasis.


Clark Park

Over in West Philly, Clark Park has been a local favorite since 1895. The nine-acre green space boasts an amphitheater for open-air performances, a Saturday farmers market, playgrounds for kids, a basketball court and game section with space to play chess and bocce.

Morris Arboretum.

Morris Arboretum. Photo: Zrfphoto | Dreamstime.com

Morris Arboretum

Live your childhood dreams, and children’s current dream, at the Morris Arboretum’s 50-foot-high treehouse. Take in the stunning fall views of impressive tree life and local flora and fauna. The 19th-century estate boasts 92 acres of beautiful meadows, flower gardens and sculptures — all primed and ready for your family’s fall explorations.


All an easy rideshare ride, drive or public transportation stop away, your family can enjoy the vibrant city life and call of the wild, all in one.


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